Ruins of the Prambanan Temple - Year 1852 Frame

IDR 399,000.00
Ruins of the Prambanan Temple - Year 1852 Frame 4 4


Ruinen van Prambanan, Tjandi Sewoe 




C. W. Mieling


343 x 265 mm


Print showing the ruins of the Prambanan Temple, Tjandi Sewoe  – Soekarta Residence. Originally published by the famous The Hague based printing company C. W. Mieling, who published spectacular series of chromolithograph plates of Indonesian subjects. 

The temple of Prambanan in Central Java is the largest Hindu temple ever built in Indonesia and one of the largest in Southeast Asia. Dedicated to the triumvirate of Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu, the temple was built around 850 A.D. by the Mataram dynasty but abandoned soon after its construction. The Mataram dynasty practiced aspects of both Hinduism and Buddhism, and the temple complex includes some of the earliest Buddhist temples in Indonesia.