Raden Saleh’s Residence in Batavia Cardboard Frame

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Raden Saleh’s Residence in Batavia




J.C. Rappard


275 x 343 mm


Raden Saleh’s Residence in Batavia

Raden Saleh was the foremost European-trained painter of the Indies in the 19th century. He painted many classic scenes of the Indies. His house in Menteng was notable in that he was likely one of the first native nobles to own a mansion in that exclusive neighborhood. His house remains standing today and takes a function as the Cikini Hospital.

Reproduction after a lithograph published in the year 1883 in the Netherlands, based on a drawing by J.C. Rappard. During his posting in the Netherlands Indies from 1842 until 1872, Rappard painted and drew pictures of life in the Indies and various sceneries. Later, back in the Netherlands, they were being made into decorative lithographs.

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