Indian Ocean - Year 1665 Softcover Notebook

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Indian Ocean - Year 1665 Softcover Notebook 35 35


Carte des Indes Orientalis




Pierre Duval


15 cm X 11 cm


36 (Lined)


Important 17th-century map of the Indian Ocean, originally published in 1665 in France. This elegantly composed map is one of the earliest French maps to show the groundbreaking 17th-century discoveries that occurred in Australia. Notably, it features the explorations of Abel Tasman, derived from his voyages to Australia and New Zealand, from 1642 to 1644. The outlines of the coasts of South and East Asia are very advanced for the time. India, Indochina and the Malaya Peninsula are based on the latest VOC published sea charts, and present a view familiar to the modern observer. The Indonesian Archipelago is generally well-formed, although New Guinea takes on a somewhat crude shape. China is shown in the fairly assured form and features the depiction of the Great Wall, while Korea is correctly shown to be a peninsula. Japan, south of Hokkaido, is quite accurately represented.

Pages: 36 (Lined) 
Sizes: 15 cm X 11 cm

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