Chinese Neighbourhood (Glodok) in Batavia Frame

IDR 399,000.00
Chinese Neighbourhood (Glodok) in Batavia Frame 3 3


City Hall (Fatahillah) in Batavia




J.C. Rappard


313 x 245 mm


City Hall (Fatahillah) in Batavia

A Chinese neighborhood in Batavia showing the hustle and bustle of the old Dutch capital city in Java, with Chinese-style houses, line the streets and a gas lamp can be seen on the right-hand side of the print. Chinese traders have sailed to South East Asia since the Hindu-Buddhist period and were perhaps the first settlers to establish a continued presence in Indonesia.

Reproduction after a lithograph published in the year 1883 in the Netherlands, based on a drawing by J.C. Rappard. During his posting in the Netherlands Indies from 1842 until 1872, Rappard painted and drew pictures of life in the Indies and various sceneries. Later, back in the Netherlands, they were being made into decorative lithographs.