Cashew Nut - Kacang Mede Cardboard Frame

IDR 199,000.00
Cashew Nut - Kacang Mede Cardboard Frame 1000000 30


Cashew Nut - Kacang Mede




Berthe van Nooten


275 x 343 mm


Cashew Nut - Kacang Mede

The Cashew consists of an exterior growing seed (considered a nut in the culinary sense) and a fruit that is often a bright yellow or deep red colour. The cashew nut is a much more popular product because the fruit does not have a long shelf life and bruises easily. The fruit is more commonly turned into a syrup or distilled into liquor while the nut can be eaten raw or processed in many ways.

Our cardboard framed artworks are printed on art paper and framed with a paper mat. They come sealed in plastic and have a short description on the back.